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I' am an eternal optimist, always smiling. Few persons can say that they really know me. I never say "maybe" or "if" because I know what I want in my life. If you want something, just follow your dreams. Optimism and perseverance will bring you what you want, and more. I will not deviate from my chosen path. But that path will often find new roads that are more brightly lighted and provide a greater reward. Do not be afraid to shift gears along the way. Do not feel that you can never change the way you do things, or to reach for new goals that come your way. I know my inner self, and what I need to do to reach my goals, my dreams. Nothing in my life depends on any other. I will win in life. My goals are certain and strong,and I now I will win on my own forces not depending on others I am never fully satisfied with the way things are in this moment. There is always a better way to do everything. I strive to seek the new ways. I am full of fantasies and dreams, for dreams today are what the future brings to life. My natural optimism and natural curiosity attracts others who love joy and happiness to me. I am frugal, but not selfish, or cheep. But my friends who know me best. see me as one who will willingly shares all I have with them. Likewise, my real friends share themselves with me.. I want to see my friends smiling, always. When my friends are sad and withdrawn, I too become sad and empty because my friends went missing from my life. I see the opposite sex as my equals. Men need to see me in the same light, as equal partners in every endeavor, and not just as an object of flirtation, sitting in front of a mirror and spending my all my time making myself pretty with false beauty for them . I am very demanding. My friends love me, and have confidence in me, to the point where they always tell me the truth up front. Hearing from others first is not good. I give my true friends this confidence and the credit they deserve, trying always to tell them my goods and my bads and to not hide anything. I expect the same honesty and confidence from all those close to me. Sometimes I remove myself from the world that surrounds me. This allows me to stand outside myself and look in and examine what I am. Then I can rebuild myself and my forces because I also comprises sadness from time to time If you live with another, you must openly and honestly share your hearts. Only then can you capture for yourself much of each other's true feelings I am open-minded.


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